What notice do you need for commission?

Depending on the location and our availability we can work to a 24 hour notice. A week’s notice is ideal for us to fully understand your objectives from the shoot and to prepare a fresh and modern approach to your needs.

Do you send out press releases with your images?

No. Press releases are best provided by you or your PR agency.

Do you talk to the newspaper picture desks?

We regularly talk to picture editors to ensure that we are supplying them with images that will be compatible with their publications.

To what publications can you send my images?

We have a database of picture editors and picture desks for all the national and regional newspapers in Ireland and we can supply them with a multiple selection of publishable photographs for their convenience and publication.

How long does it take for corporate portraits?

Usually 15 minutes per person to catch a range of studies.

Do I have to go to your studio for portrait photographs?

No. We have a fully equipped portable studio that only takes minutes to set up at your place of work or a preferred venue.

How quickly do I get the images?

Your photographs will be available to you within 2 hours of the end of the shoot for your selection and release.

How many images can I get from a one-hour shoot?

From a normal one-hour shoot you can expect between 60 and 80 images.

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